BIO Launches ‘Biotech Votes’ Campaign to Encourage Registration and Informed Voting

Xconomy Boston — 

Science is the way out of this pandemic—and scientific breakthroughs are on the ballot on November 3. To help you get ready for Election Day, BIO’s initiative Biotech Votes has resources to help you get registered and get informed.

First, make sure you’re registered to vote. Check out this handy form to verify your voter information, find out your polling location, or request a mail-in ballot.

Then, get informed. This Biotech Votes 2020 Election Preview Report is an in-depth analysis of the races that matter the most, from the top of the ticket down the ballot to Senate, House, and state races.

In 2021, drug pricing policy will be highly dependent on the outcome of the election, which could take the form of one of three scenarios:

  • A status quo scenario (Trump WH, R Senate, D House) would most likely lead to similar characteristics of the 116th Congress, a Legislative Branch in gridlock on health policy (including drug pricing), and an Executive Branch intent on executive action and regulatory reform. While structural reform to prescription drug policy would be unlikely, smaller policies (such as forms of importation and manufacturing incentives) may impact the industry on a limited scale. This is likely to result in winners and losers (i.e., specialty vs. retail or Part B vs. Part D).
  • A mixed result (Biden WH, R Senate, D House) means the McConnell-led Senate would act as a check on the larger and more transformative proposals from the House (like H.R. 3) but would face additional pressure from a Biden White House.
  • A Democratic sweep (Biden WH, D Senate, D House) is the likeliest scenario for structural reform on the insurance market and prescription drug pricing, climate, and environmental issues.

“The 2020 elections will be one for the record books,” states BIO’s report. “This year highly contested elections are coupled with a pandemic, economic upheaval and social protests around the country. Who wins the White House will have ramifications around the world.”

You can also watch BIO’s election preview webinar for more.