New Xconomy Podcast & Special Report Feature Boston Biophama Leaders on Digital Health

Xconomy Boston — 

Miss Xconomy’s Xcelerating Life Sciences Boston: Biopharma’s Future in Digital Health event or want to revisit the insightful content? Our new podcast and special report package the highlights for you.

Listen to the podcast or download the report today.

The podcast includes expert panels on:

  • The convergence of data supporting emerging therapies
  • Navigating approaches in a complex regulatory environment
  • Managing the patient in the world of personalized medicine

The special report articles include:

  • How Crisis and Opportunity Are Pushing Digital Health Front and Center
  • Digital Therapies Navigate Regulations That Are Still Taking Shape
  • Managing the Patient in the World of Personalized Medicine
  • AI Can Unlock Health Data’s Potential, But Access Still Difficult
  • Healthcare AI Tech is Here, Now We Must Learn to Manage the Data

The prospect of digital health in improving clinical trials and drug development is an exciting one. Problems associated with the broad and growing sector, such as collecting and harvesting data, are being tackled by the industry and tech providers in increasingly effective ways, making the utilization of elements such as wearables, AI, and electronic records a reality for the future biopharma landscape.

Meanwhile, Boston already has a proven track record of life science leadership, including emerging therapeutics. Digital technologies will play a critical role in the expansion of this industry and are poised to grow by more than $350 billion alone in the next five years, but significant scientific, technological, financial, and regulatory challenges remain in expanding the ecosystem. What’s already been accomplished and how to handle the hurdles that lie ahead for this shift in focus toward digital health?