Laurie Glimcher To Headline Xconomy Keynote Series in Boston in September

Xconomy Boston — 

As groundbreaking therapies and diagnostics are coming to market, more patients are benefiting from the promise of precision medicine, but many are not, or aren’t able to access the latest treatments and technologies. What are hospitals and drug and diagnostic developers doing to make sure more cancer patients will go on to lead long, healthy lives? And how will precision oncology change how new drugs are developed?

Xconomy will host a series of keynote speakers at Biotech Week Boston on September 11, 2019, at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

The program, called Xcelerate, will feature Laurie Glimcher, president and CEO of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, one of the world’s leading cancer research hospitals. She will discuss how far cancer diagnosis and treatment has come and where oncology and cancer research need to go.

Other Xcelerate keynote speakers — including top Harvard scientists at the cutting edge of gene therapy and CRISPR — will discuss how new approaches to correcting disease-causing mutations could transform the lives of people with genetic diseases.

Other Xcelerate keynote speakers include:

  • Cindy Perettie, CEO, Foundation Medicine
  • David Liu, co-Founder, Beam Therapeutics & Editas Medicine; vice chair of faculty, Broad Institute
  • Saurabh Saha, senior vice president R&D, global head of translational medicine, Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Luk Vandenberghe, director, Grousbeck Gene Therapy Center, Massachusetts Eye and Ear, co-founder, Akouos Therapeutics and Odylia Therapeutics

The Xcelerate program also includes a startup pitch competition, access to the Biotech Week Boston exhibit hall and a party!

You can get your ticket here.