Special Day Passes for X·CON 2018! November 4, 5, and 6

In less than a month Xconomy’s newest event, X·CON 2018, will explore the future of innovation across multiple topics and industries, and facilitate deep interactions far beyond your standard conference. It will take place on November 4, 5, and 6 in three innovation venues in Kendall Square and Boston’s Seaport District. The conference is aimed at executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and visionaries who want to explore such questions—and participate in shaping the future.

Can’t make the whole conference? That’s okay! We have added day-passes to allow you to customize your experience. Here’s what to expect each day:

Sunday, November 4 (Cafe ArtScience):
From urban farming to digital scent, technologies around food and beverages are impacting our environment and dining/sensory experiences. Which areas are food-tech entrepreneurs and investors focusing on for the future? How are advances in materials and automation starting to transform the industry? Join Xconomy for a special evening dinner and program at Cafe ArtScience featuring its owner David Edwards, Harvard professor and food entrepreneur, and Michael Farid, CEO and co-founder of robotic kitchen startup Spyce. Sunday-only tickets are $250 and limited to 25 tickets.

Monday, November 5 (Institute of Contemporary Art):
Monday’s programming will leave you eager to meet the big challenges that also present business opportunities. What will result from the confluence of biology and the digital world, and how will it impact policy and society? What are the ethics and regulations around genetic engineering? Hear from Esther Dyson, Google’s Fernanda Viegas, Mohamad Ali, President & CEO of Carbonite, and many more. Monday-only tickets are $350.

Tuesday, November 6 (Google):
For this special half-day program we will feature some of the top minds in the innovation ecosystem for deeper dives. Topics include the rise of A.I. in business, the future of crypto and finance—and we’ll have some really fun robotics demos. The demos will include: throwable defense robots, robots in retail, and a robotic gripper system for e-commerce fulfillment. Tuesday-only tickets are $250.

Passes are still available for the entire conference, too. You can find the full speaker lineup and get your tickets here. Attendance is capped at 150 top-level guests. This event is not intended for sales discussions so if you’re a business development professional, please contact [email protected] before considering registering. Additional discounts are available for startups, academics, and other groups.

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