Ex-Accomplice Partner Lynch Returns to Corner Office with AtScale

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a “universal semantic layer” of software that enables BI users to access all the data they need, without switching the software analytics tools they use. (It sounds similar to products and services from companies like Datameer, Jethro Data, Datawatch, and Tamr.)

“I think the big payoff is allowing [businesses] to move to the cloud as fast as they want to … and not disrupt your business or your users,” Lynch says.

Lynch wouldn’t share exact financial results, but he says AtScale is generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue each year; the company isn’t profitable, he adds. AtScale has raised $45 million in venture capital, Mariani says. Its backers include Atlantic Bridge, Wells Fargo, and Comcast Ventures, according to media reports.

Lynch has been an advocate for the Boston tech scene, and he says he’s not abandoning the region by taking this job. His family will remain in the Boston area, and he will split his time between New England and California, he says. He will also continue to support cancer research through Tech Tackles Cancer, the local foundation he created and funds.

The plan is to open an AtScale office in the Boston area this summer, focused on sales and customer service, Lynch says. Johnson will lead that office, he adds.

“I like to see kids that grow up in this area [and] go to school in this area stay in this area, as long as the opportunities meet their ambitions,” says Lynch, who attended high school and colleges in the Boston area. “I’ll still be very involved in the Boston tech scene, hopefully leveraging [it] on behalf of AtScale.”

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