Saver Rate Ending—Grab Your Ticket to Robo Madness 2018: Homecoming

Grab your ticket to attend Xconomy’s fourth annual Robo Madness event, which was a total sellout last year. Leaders in robotics and artificial intelligence will discuss smart home technologies, progress in driverless vehicles, investment and startup strategies, and more.

Join us on April 12 at iRobot in Bedford, MA, to look at how robots and A.I. have shifted from exotic machines and research to more mainstream tools and services. You can see the full agenda here.

Check out our confirmed speakers:

  • Colin Angle, Co-Founder & CEO, iRobot
  • Rana el Kaliouby, Co-Founder & CEO, Affectiva
  • Gary Shapiro, President & CEO, Consumer Technology Association
  • Bilal Zuberi, Partner, Lux Capital
  • Ryan Chin, Co-Founder & CEO, Optimus Ride
  • Clara Vu, VP Engineering, Veo Robotics
  • Zack Anderson, Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer, ClearMotion
  • Daniel Patt, CEO, Vecna Robotics
  • Vivjan Myrto, Founder & Managing Partner, Hyperplane Venture Capital
  • Bruce Welty, Founder & Chairman, Locus Robotics
  • Mary Ellen Sparrow, Co-Founder & CEO, NextShift Robotics
  • Tom Ryden, Executive Director, MassRobotics
  • Hasier Larrea, Co-Founder & CEO, Ori
  • Joe Jones, Co-Founder & CTO, Franklin Robotics
  • Max Makeev, Co-Founder & CEO, Owl Labs
  • Jerome Dubois, Co-Founder, 6 River Systems
  • Christopher Micali, ‎Co-Founder & VP Product, Sense
  • Lael Odhner, Co-Founder, RightHand Robotics
  • Hanns Anders, Investment Director, iRobot Ventures
  • Patrick Larkin, Director, Innovation Institute, MassTech Collaborative
  • Glen De Vos, CTO, Aptiv
  • Rudina Seseri, Founder & Managing Partner, Glasswing Ventures

The saver rate discount ends tomorrow, so hurry and register now to save $75. See you on April 12!

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