MIT Sloan Healthcare and BioInnovations Conference

The 16th annual MIT Sloan Healthcare and BioInnovations Conference (SHBC) on “Pathways to Innovation in Healthcare” brings together industry, academic, investment, and policy leaders from around the healthcare industry to discuss the most pressing issues and exciting innovations in the sector. Attendees will enjoy hearing from 30+ speakers, panelists, and keynotes from industry luminaries such as Dr. Bob Langer and Dr. George Church and serial entrepreneurs such as Alex Drane and Cory Kidd. Attendees will also have the opportunity to see MIT’s most promising startups compete for $28K+ in prize money, learn about cutting-edge research from MIT PhDs, and participate in two interactive, hands-on workshops by MIT Hacking Medicine and MIT Solve.

The main daytime program is March 9 at the Cambridge Marriott. Evening program on March 8 (5:30-9:30pm): MIT Solve Interactive Workshop, VIP reception, and SHBC Pitch Competition and Keynote at the Tang Center (Building E51), MIT Campus, 70 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA.

More details and registration info here.