Leerink’s Cozzens on New Health IT Fund, A.I.’s Future as a Platform

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a platform that future developments in software will be built upon, than it is a theme in itself.

X: What are the challenges for Massachusetts in becoming a bigger health IT cluster, as compared to Silicon Valley?

TC: There is the lure of Silicon Valley and all that that brings, with the tremendous amount of capital and tremendous search for talent. But it’s a double-edged sword. They’re getting capped out. I’m on the board of a couple Silicon Valley companies, and they’re having a tough time finding talent. It costs a lot of money.

I also think that there’s a view from Silicon Valley that we saw from [its approach to] every other industry: “Let us just put our tech shoes on and walk into healthcare, and we’re going to solve everything in healthcare.” I think, for the most part, that hasn’t worked out.

Healthcare is a very complex field where it’s not just about markets and products and disruption. It’s about who’s going to pay for it, and how it’s going to be paid.

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