Pfizer, Veritas, MGH Join Xconomy’s Healthcare + A.I. Conference on Nov. 2

Xconomy Boston — 

Like a lot of fields, healthcare is riding the A.I. wave. We’re hearing about machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques being applied to genomic analysis, drug discovery, imaging and diagnostics, patient-doctor interactions, and other clinical tasks. But there’s a lot of hype and challenges to go along with it.

On November 2, Xconomy is convening a special group of business and healthtech leaders to discuss the most important issues in this emerging sector. The half-day conference, called Healthcare + A.I., is happening at Pfizer’s offices in Cambridge, MA, and you can still snag a ticket here. It will be a full house and a great crowd of techies, startups, investors, doctors, hospital leaders, and big-company executives.

We’re hard at work on the agenda, but here are some of the key speakers:

Esther Dyson, chairman of EDventure Holdings, who is focusing on health and wellness
Mirza Cifric, founder and CEO of Veritas Genetics
Jessica Zeaske, director of healthcare investments, GE Ventures
Dan Karlin, head of experimental medicine, informatics, and regulatory strategy, Pfizer Innovative Research Lab
Mark Michalski, executive director of the MGH and BWH Center for Clinical Data Science
Charles Koontz, president and CEO of GE Healthcare IT
Shahram Ebadollahi, chief science officer, IBM Watson Health
Iya Khalil, co-founder and chief commercial officer of GNS Healthcare
Jamie Goldstein, founder and partner, Pillar VC
Andrew Beck, co-founder and CEO of PathAI
Shilpa Lawande, co-founder and CEO of
Andrew Le, co-founder and CEO of Buoy Health

These leaders will discuss how they are using (and investing in) A.I.-related technologies and data-driven approaches to help solve big problems in medicine and healthcare. What’s at stake is nothing less than the future of a trillion-dollar industry and the well-being of humans in the age of increasingly intelligent machines.

We hope you’ll be part of this discussion. Looking forward to seeing you all on Nov. 2.