The Engine, Carbonite, Lola, and More: Here’s the Agenda for IMPACT

[Updated, 6/8/17 8:50am. See below] Hard to believe we are just over two weeks away from Xconomy’s big annual tech event in June. IMPACT will bring together leaders from New England’s technology and business community to discuss the future of their fields, but also issues of broader importance: things like influencing policy and making a positive impact on society.

It’s all happening on the afternoon of June 22 at the Museum of Science in Boston. The full agenda is now live, and we are expecting a full house, but you can still grab a seat here.

The speaker lineup is jammed with all-stars. Just a few highlights:

Paul English, CEO of Lola and co-founder of Kayak, will chat with my colleague Jeff Engel about making positive advances in technology and society.

Katie Rae, CEO of The Engine (new venture fund affiliated with MIT), will talk about making an impact with startups and investing.

Mohamad Ali, CEO of Carbonite, will speak on the topic of innovating in policy (think immigration, education, equality).

Steve Papa, CEO of Parallel Wireless and co-founder of Endeca, will speak about enabling global connectivity, and the implications of that.

Sandy Pentland, MIT Media Lab professor and co-founder of Cogito and, will tackle the topic of using “data for good,” not evil.

Sophie Vandebroek, COO of IBM Research, will chat with Xconomy founder Bob Buderi about navigating the Internet of everything.

Jodi Goldstein, managing director of Harvard Innovation Labs, will chat with Russ Wilcox, partner at Pillar and co-founder of E Ink, about solving the most important problems. Jody Rose, executive director of the New England Venture Capital Association will serve as our esteemed moderator.

Ric Fulop, CEO of Desktop Metal, Clara Vu, co-founder of Veo Robotics, and Natan Linder, CEO of Tulip, will discuss the future of advanced manufacturing and collaborative systems. [Updated with a speaker addition.]

—A panel about creating the future of interfaces (think AR/VR, what comes after the iPhone): Ramses Alcaide (CEO of Neurable), Sean Collins (CEO of Cinch Financial), and Nate Treloar (president of Orbita) will chat with me.

Jon Myers, CEO of Earplay, will give a demo of voice-interactive entertainment.

It all adds up to a fun and inspiring afternoon of learning how to make a bigger and better impact on the world through tech. There will be plenty of time for networking and drinks (stick around for the outdoor patio—trust me). See you all on June 22.

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