Announcing Xconomy Impact, June 22: Here’s What It’s About

This summer, we are convening some of the biggest names in technology and innovation to talk about how they plan to make a real impact on society. This is Xconomy Boston’s ninth annual tech conference in June, and it’s one of our top events of the year.

This year’s conference is called Impact, and it’s happening on June 22 at the Museum of Science in Boston. Gathering top minds from Boston and beyond in one place—together with you, the audience—gives us all an opportunity to ask the who’s who of the tech world some of the most pressing questions on our minds.

This year, it’s also more personal. We’ve all seen the effects of political events of the past year seeping into our work, our businesses, our families. When we conceived this event, we wanted to hear how New England’s top innovators and companies are navigating the broader landscape and striving to make a real difference, not just in their business, but in everyday life—and on issues like diversity, inequality, and jobs.

If there’s an overarching tech theme, it has to do with the future of human-computer interfaces, and the use of data in our society. What kind of future device or interface could have as big an impact as the iPhone, for example? And what will it mean when computers and A.I. reach a certain level of understanding that they can make decisions for people (and perhaps replace them, in some capacity)?

Questions like these have coalesced in our heads around a single term: impact.

We are working on the full agenda for June 22, but here are some preliminary highlights—at least, this is what I’d like to hear about from some of our speakers:

—Paul English, CEO and co-founder of Lola (and Kayak co-founder), will talk about how he, as a long-time entrepreneur, thinks about making an impact in the broadest sense—on technology, business, policy, and society.

—Katie Rae, CEO of The Engine (a new MIT-related venture fund and incubator), will talk about the future of startups, investing, and university-based technology.

—Steve Papa, CEO and co-founder of Parallel Wireless (and Endeca co-founder), will talk about the future of global connectivity, and what that will enable.

—Sophie Vandebroek, COO of IBM Research (formerly CTO of Xerox), will talk about her vision for the “Internet of Everything,” which encompasses devices, networks, processes, and data.

—Sandy Pentland, MIT Media Lab professor and co-founder of Cogito and, will address how computers are using data to understand human behavior, and how that could transform society and government.

—Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Desktop Metal, will talk about the future of 3D printing and advanced manufacturing.

—We’ll hear from cutting-edge startups like Orbita, Earplay, and Neurable about the future of human-computer interfaces. Think virtual assistants for home healthcare, voice-interactive entertainment systems, and brain-controlled games and virtual reality.

We will have more about the program soon. Meantime, you can still grab a seat and register here. Looking forward to seeing you all on June 22.

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