Robo Madness on Tuesday: Demos From Boston Dynamics, Soft Robotics, Piaggio

Xconomy Boston — 

Hard to believe, but we’re just a day away from Robo Madness 2017, our third annual Boston conference on robotics and artificial intelligence. It’s all happening at Google’s offices in Kendall Square tomorrow afternoon. The full agenda is here.

In addition to talks and discussions, there will be three live demos in the program, each from a different sector of robotics:

Soft Robotics CEO Carl Vause will show his company’s soft gripper technology (see photo). This robot is used to pick and place items in food, packaging, and assembly tasks.

Piaggio Fast Forward COO Sasha Hoffman will demo a mobile carrier robot named Gita. The robot can hold a briefcase or other cargo while it follows you around or goes where you need it to.

Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert will show a robot that is still a mystery, even to us. His company is known for its walking and running machines that can balance by themselves.

We’re looking forward to an amazing day, and hope to see you at Google. For those who don’t have seats yet, there are still a few overflow tickets available.