DataRobot Downloads $54M Led by NEA to Automate Data Science Tasks

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Domino Data Lab, Dataiku, Algorithmia, and RapidMiner, as well as products and services from big firms like IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Amazon.

“It’s hard to get our message out there to stand out against all this noise,” Achin says. “That’ll continue to be a challenge for us.”

The influx of capital could help. DataRobot spent about $30 million of investor money on product research and development before it began hiring a sales team and aggressively pursuing customers in the past year or so, Achin says. The company hasn’t spent much on marketing to this point, but it will do so now, he says.

DataRobot—an alum of the defunct Techstars Cloud accelerator in San Antonio, TX—will continue pumping money into research and development as well. The company plans to double the size of its R&D team, which is currently around 80 employees, Achin says. The startup now employs 163 people worldwide, including about 90 in Boston. Its total staff could grow to more than 250 people by the end of the year, he says.

DataRobot declined to share specifics on its financials, so it’s hard to know how well the business is doing. But if sales grow as planned, Achin says DataRobot could turn a profit without raising more venture capital.

“The operating plan gets us to profitability with this raise,” he says.

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