Insurify Gets $4.6M, Adds Insurance Search Bot on Facebook Messenger

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there are still opportunities for human agents to adapt to advances in technology and find ways to serve consumers.

Insurify doesn’t employ any insurance agents who sell policies to consumers (although Zacharia says she has passed the insurance agent licensing exam). In most cases, after Insurify users choose a quote, they connect by phone with an insurance agent at a partner firm to complete the transaction, Zacharia says. (Insurance companies pay Insurify a fee when one of its users buys an insurance policy.) [An earlier version of this paragraph incorrectly stated that Insurify has no licensed insurance agents on staff. We regret the error.]

Some purchases can also be completed online, either within Facebook Messenger or on the insurance carrier’s website. An initial group of 10 carriers on Insurify’s platform currently offer the ability to purchase policies online, and Insurify plans to expand it, Zacharia says.

Still, there is a “subset of users that will always prefer” working with a human insurance agent, at least when finalizing the purchase, Zacharia says.

“The customers that want to be served digitally, we want to provide that experience,” she says. “If they want to have an experience with an agent, we’ll still give them that option. The way we are working on building this product is we don’t want to force people to have an experience that they don’t like.”

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