NVBots Spinout Digital Alloys Raises $5M for Metal 3D Printer

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businesses, such as Staples and Japan-based Daiwa Steel Tube, and schools and universities, such as MIT and Carnegie Mellon, he says. (NVBots has raised at least $5.3 million from investors, according to SEC filings.)

Perez proudly notes that NVBots manufactures its printers in America and exports them to Asian markets like Japan and China—for many physical products, it’s typically the other way around. NVBots has had success selling to Asian customers in part because its printers’ automated capabilities dramatically reduce labor costs, he says.

NVBots printers are also easy to use, Perez says, so they’re not confined to engineering labs. Other departments, like sales, are showing interest, and some companies are buying multiple machines.

“We’ve kind of seen this [get a] foot in the door, and then the door blows wide open,” Perez says.

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