New Bain Investor Yumin Choi on Obamacare’s Future, Surviving Cancer

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a text-messaging platform to engage patients or members to do a smoking cessation program, or opioid management, or pain management. That doesn’t necessarily need to be done in person or even with a person over the phone.

Another prediction I think I would make is as you’re seeing the shift of consolidation of providers happening, typically on the primary care side, I think you’re going to see more companies like Iora Health or One Medical or other ones out there starting to become more mainstream. It’s really the shift to try to do value-based care, and for physicians to try and remain independent. I think you’ll see a bigger shift [toward] that this year. I think that shift is probably a good thing for us to have various options.

What’s great about healthcare in the United States is it’s not just one system with one type of hospital. I think the proliferation of that through value-based care, whether you call it an ACO [accountable care organization] or whatever the nomenclature, I think is interesting.

X: How has your experience fighting cancer changed your outlook on your career and on life?

YC: It’s an affirmation that what I’m doing matters. I guess most people think their job matters, but I really feel passionate about the work I do. I made two investments while going through chemotherapy and radiation. … That really helped me bounce back.

The second thing is my threshold for dealing with difficult people has gone down dramatically. I will spend time with people I enjoy spending time with and I respect. My tolerance for nonsense is a little lower.

The third thing is I want to make an impact with my investments. In healthcare, you can make an impact with a lot of different things. But one of the best things you can do is build a successful company, [and] for that to really change the workflow and business model and the way people receive care and interact with the healthcare system. I think I have the ability to make a bigger impact at Bain.

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