Vesper’s Waterproof Microphones Draw Interest from Amazon, Others

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entertainment systems and advanced diagnostics. Crowley says automakers could install microphones under the hood to listen for engine problems, for example.

The high-tech microphones could also be useful for Internet-connected ear devices, so the person could, say, quickly call up a favorite song, ask for directions, or access information on an exhibit while walking through a museum, Crowley says. (This sounds a lot like the earpiece Joaquin Phoenix’s character uses in the film “Her.”)

There’s a “notion that augmented reality is going to take off on an audio basis long before it takes off on a visual basis,” Crowley argues.

But much of this is down the road. For now, Vesper is focused on building up its operations so it can handle more customer orders, Crowley says.

The company currently has 20 employees, and with the new money, it plans to hire at least 10 more people, primarily in sales, marketing, and supply chain, Crowley says. The funding will also go toward product development.

If Vesper plays its cards right, Crowley says it could be in the black by 2018. “We believe with the funding just raised we can get profitable,” he adds.

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