How Secure Are You? Find Out at The State of Cybersecurity Thursday

Are your security measures good enough?

We’re not talking about the locks on your house. We’re talking about the security of your sensitive personal data—health records, bank account passwords, and more—and the cyber defenses protecting businesses’ computer systems, data, files, intellectual property, and other digital assets.

It’s a crucial question that seemingly grows more urgent by the day, as companies and organizations contend with all manner of cyber threats, from ransomware to DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

Xconomy will try to make sense of it all—and suss out useful tips for developing robust cybersecurity strategies—during The State of Cybersecurity, a public forum being held Thursday afternoon, Dec. 8, at WGBH in Boston. We’re convening a stellar lineup of cybersecurity executives, startup founders, investors, and leaders of non-security businesses and organizations for a series of interactive chats, panel discussions, and solo talks.

You can check out the full agenda, and purchase tickets here. One of the highlights will be a special presentation from Stephen Boyer, co-founder and CTO of BitSight Technologies. His firm makes software that culls publicly accessible data to produce a cybersecurity rating, akin to a FICO credit score, assessing the strength of businesses’ and organizations’ cyber defenses.

Stephen Boyer

Stephen Boyer

Boyer’s company is running an analysis of the digital security of the companies and organizations that will be in the audience Thursday. At the event, he’ll present the key findings and takeaways that might prove useful for attendees in forming cybersecurity strategies. (Don’t worry, attendees—no names will be mentioned in the presentation, just aggregate results. Anyone interested in accessing more information about their company’s security rating from BitSight can contact Xconomy after the event.)

Tickets have been going fast, so be sure to snag your spot today. See you Thursday.

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