Machine Learning, Precision Medicine: What’s Hot in Healthtech 11/17

Xconomy Boston — 

With the election in our wake (was there a spike in anxiety and sleep meds?), we can turn our full attention to our What’s Hot in Boston Healthtech event, which will take place next Thursday (Nov. 17) at the Broad Institute in Kendall Square.

You can find more details about the event and get your tickets here. If you act quickly, you can save $155 on regular registration with our Procrastinator’s Special.

We have a fantastic array of speakers looking at everything from telemedicine to healthcare marketplaces (think Amazon Web Services for healthcare) to what’s next for digital health beyond electronic health records. We even will have live demos of brain monitoring and a new way to draw blood (volunteers for either?).

But I’m especially pleased to be taking part in a chat with Colin Hill, co-founder and CEO of GNS Healthcare, on the subject of How Breakthroughs in Machine Learning are Transforming Precision Medicine. Hill will give a short talk, and then I will sit down for some quick questions—and any from the audience as well. “It’s different from IBM Watson, it’s different from what Google and Optum are doing,” says Hill. But, he adds, he isn’t one for conceptual ideas alone. He plans to give the audience specific instances on how breakthroughs in machine learning are tackling important problems in medicine—and how what GNS is doing first in colon cancer and diabetes might one day be extended to medicine more broadly. Hill says he wants “to get people really fired up with what has changed.”

Again, that is just one component of what promises to be a fascinating afternoon. You can see the full agenda and register here. See you next Thursday.