Gene Editing, Precision Medicine & More at Life Science Disruptors on Oct. 20

Xconomy Boston — 

Xconomy has brought together some of Boston’s top biotech founders, investors, and leaders for an evening of candid and interactive chats for our latest version of “Boston’s Life Science Disruptors.” On Oct. 20 at the Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, you’ll hear how these industry leaders are transforming drug development, tackling some of the sector’s toughest issues, and much more.

We’ll be discussing the challenges and potential of gene editing, organs-on-chips, and precision medicine, and the efforts that are being made by local leaders to close the gender gap in life sciences.

Here is the full list of speakers that will be joining us to tackle these subjects and more:

  • Scott Manalis, Professor of biological & mechanical engineering, MIT
  • Geraldine Hamilton, President & Chief Scientific Officer, Emulate
  • Don Ingber, Founding Director, the Wyss Institute; Scientific Founder, Emulate
  • Vicki Sato, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School
  • Terry McGuire, Founding Partner, Polaris Partners
  • Nessan Bermingham, President, CEO, & Founder, Intellia Therapeutics
  • Jean-Francois Formela, Partner, Atlas Venture

As always, you’ll have the chance to ask our speakers questions and contribute to the discussion. View the full agenda and register here to grab your seat before they sell out!