Circulation, Uber Team Up to Get Patients to Doctor’s Appointments

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Mercy Health System in Pennsylvania, and Nemours Children’s Health System in Wilmington, DE. The startup says it intends to expand its service to six more states this year.

Circulation primarily generates revenue by selling subscriptions to its software. But Brownstein says in the future it could also sign deals in which it gets paid if its service ends up saving hospitals and insurers money.

Circulation is run by a team of five people, says Brownstein, who serves as an advisor to the company. His co-founders also include Robin Heffernan, CEO of Epidemico and a vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton; Jared Hawkins, a Boston Children’s faculty member and director of its informatics innovation program; and Leerom Segal, CEO and co-founder of Klick Health.

“The team is being built out as we speak,” Brownstein says.

Brownstein wouldn’t share details, but it sounds like Circulation is out raising money from investors. “Hopefully we’ll be announcing some of that in the coming weeks,” he adds.

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