Empty-Handed Again, MA Noncompete Reformers Seek More Progress

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Sen. Dan Wolf, who is not running for re-election this fall.

Rose, of NEVCA, says her organization’s next move is gathering information and “trying to figure out what’s the best path forward for the community.”

“I can’t say what the strategy looks like,” she says, but “we’re not going to give up until we see something changed.”

No one can predict the prospects for noncompete reform—especially after so many years of debate—but observers think the pieces are in place for getting something past the finish line next time.

“I think we made enormous progress,” says Eric Paley, a managing partner with venture capital firm Founder Collective. “We’re well-positioned for the next [legislative] session.”

“My takeaway is that given what was passed by the House and Senate, there is a general consensus about a number of features of reform legislation that would substantially alter the current legal landscape for noncompetes,” says Rosen, the attorney. “Presumably those features would be the starting point for the next round.”

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