Veering Off Topic With CloudLock CEO Gil Zimmermann

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GZ: No, I’m probably more inclined to EDM.

X: Who’s your favorite EDM artist?

GZ: Deadmau5 is on the top of my list. But Skrillex is not bad. And there’s an Israeli crew that is pretty good, too, Infected Mushroom. They were recently out here and I missed [it].

X: Do you go to shows locally?

GZ: Yeah, but I can’t say they’re ones on the top of my list. I get dragged to a few here or there with my wife or friends. The shows we go to are more retro ’80s bands and ’90s, that kind of stuff. It’s more of a throwback to our youth; that’s the type of stuff we really enjoy. I might go to the Guns N’ Roses concert that’s coming up.

X: Any parting thoughts?

GZ: We’re proud members of the cybersecurity community here in Boston. I think that’s something that needs to be celebrated even more. I know there’s a bunch of us, but I think we need to be making even more of a stink in the global community. The level of intelligence and entrepreneurship here in our condensed area is unparalleled, even on the West Coast. I would take on West Coast cybersecurity any day of the week. The fact that we’re surrounded by academia and hyper-smart researchers is yet another layer of natural resources that we should be tapping into.

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