Biogen Taps Pfizer Exec Ehlers to Run R&D

Xconomy Boston — 

After a roughly year-long search, Biogen (NASDAQ: BIIB) has named a replacement for former R&D chief Doug Williams, who left the company last July to run startup Codiak Biosciences. Biogen has hired Michael Ehlers as its executive vice president of R&D, a position he’ll begin late next month. Ehlers will join Biogen from Pfizer, where he had been chief scientific officer of the pharma company’s neuroscience and pain research unit, and the senior VP of its biotherapeutics R&D division.

Incidentally, when Ehlers signed on for that role last year, he took over for another executive who’d left a big company to run a startup—J.C. Gutierrez-Ramos, now the CEO of Synlogic.