Threat Stack Founder’s New Startup, Komand, Pushes Security Automation

Threat Stack co-founder Jen Andre, who left the company last year, is back with another Boston-area cybersecurity startup called Komand.

The Cambridge, MA-based company formed late last year and has received funding from Accomplice, according to Komand’s website. Accomplice’s Chris Lynch and Cort Johnson sit on Komand’s board, along with Andre, the website shows.

The startup says it is developing software to automate tedious tasks for security teams and seamlessly connect their various tools with a library of software plugins offered by Komand. The idea is to make security teams more efficient so they can focus on quickly and effectively responding to cyber threats. Komand also wants to provide ways for cybersecurity professionals to share best practices and collaborate more online. The firm is currently seeking beta testers.

Komand calls its approach “security orchestration.” In a blog post, Andre wrote: “Increasingly, security teams are being held responsible for missed breaches, and look to buy ‘best of class’ products to protect against the threats that affect their businesses. However, using a wide variety of vendors means increased complexity for security teams.” She added that “by automating the integration between security products, security teams can still buy the ‘best of breed’ in protection while staying efficient.”

That fits with a broader theme of companies trying to unify their customers’ cybersecurity tools and strategies. It’s a market being pursued by a variety of companies, from other small startups like Cybric to giants like Raytheon.

Andre co-founded Boston-based Threat Stack in 2012 and served as its chief scientist until March 2015, according to her LinkedIn profile. She then worked as an entrepreneur-in-residence at Accomplice, which also invested in Threat Stack.

Speaking of which, Andre’s previous company scooped up $15.4 million in a Series B funding round last week. Threat Stack, which provides cloud-based security and infrastructure monitoring software, has raised more than $26 million from investors to date.

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