NewCo Boston Festival of Innovation

From the event organizers:

“Connect to Boston’s tech industry like never before. Explore the forces driving Boston with founders and senior leadership as your guide. We take you backstage, connecting you with founders and thought leaders. NewCo turns the business conference model inside out. Festival participants pick the companies they want to explore. Then, they tour Boston, meeting founders and senior leadership inside their home office. Enjoy unscripted, insightful conversations and learn first-hand about how Boston’s best-and-brightest drive purposeful transformation in their communities.

In April, more than 80 NewCos will open their doors and share their innovation story. NewCos are on a mission to change the world, they are enablers, not gatekeepers. NewCos believe in open collaboration with customers, suppliers, employees, and their community. NewCos also believe in transparent communication, they are open minded, and they are nimble.

We kick off the festival off with a VIP Reception at Hatch Fenway, on the evening of Tuesday, April 26. This invitation-only reception is for NewCo host company presenters, sponsors, Advisory Board members and special VIP guests.

The main festival begins the next day, Wednesday, April 27, and will have five session time slots. Sessions will start every 2 hours beginning at 8:30 am. The last session will end at 5:30 pm. Each session will last 60 minutes – and attendees will have another 60 minutes to get from one session to the next.”