Women in Tech: Careers Beyond Coding

From event organizers The Capital Network and She Geeks Out:

“The conversation around women in tech these days seems to focus on (the lack of) female engineers. While an important conversation – there are a myriad of other job positions in tech – currently held by women – that go beyond coding and developing. This panel brings together women who have made their mark in the tech industry in a variety of different roles. Each of these roles is important and significant, yet these women are not developers. The speakers will share their unique perspectives on their job functions, how they got to where they are, and how they embody the ‘woman in tech’ role.

This event is a unique opportunity to get an insider’s perspective on what it means to be ‘a woman in tech’. Whether you are just starting out, looking to jump into the world of tech, or are more experienced, come and join us for breakfast, followed by a vibrant discussion and networking.”