Drones, Bots & More at Robo Madness: The A.I. Explosion, 3/31

If you follow emerging technologies and startups, you’ll notice that “machine learning” seems to be everywhere. So are natural language processing and computer vision. So are drones and connected devices.

We’re putting all those things together for a business audience at a very special event on March 31, called Robo Madness: The A.I. Explosion. It’s all happening at Google in Kendall Square, and we’re bringing together a who’s who of robotics and artificial intelligence experts, from startups and investors to researchers and big companies.

Here’s the current speaker list:

Colin Angle, Co-founder & CEO, iRobot
Helen Greiner, Founder & CEO, CyPhy Works
Larry Bohn, Managing Director, General Catalyst Partners
Scott Eckert, CEO, Rethink Robotics
Jana Eggers, CEO, Nara Logics
Rohit Gupta, Co-founder, Sentenai
Dan Kara, Research Director, Robotics, ABI Research
Rob May, Founder & CEO, Talla
Dan Roth, Founder & CEO, Semantic Machines
Tom Ryden, Executive Director, MassRobotics
Max Versace, Co-founder & CEO, Neurala
Conor Walsh, Founder, Harvard Biodesign Lab, Harvard University
Jeremy Wertheimer, Vice President of Engineering, Google

Some topics we’ll explore:

—How robotics and A.I. are coming together to create new products and industries in the Internet of Things, smart homes, and connected devices.

—Which business strategies are working (and not working) for startups using A.I. technologies to solve real-world problems.

—What advances in research and development are coming further down the pike that could change everything.

—How New England innovators and companies can make use of the region’s strengths in talent and technology to collaborate more effectively and get ahead.

We’ll have more updates on the program soon. Tickets have been going fast, but there are still a few left—you can grab one here. We hope to see you all on March 31.

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