Doug Williams, Codiak at Today’s Health Summit: Last Chance for Tix

Xconomy Boston — 

Last week, we announced that a stealth company would make its public debut at this afternoon’s (Tuesday, November 17) Healthcare Summit at the Broad Institute in Kendall Square. Now we can tell you that the company is Codiak BioSciences and the speaker, former Biogen research head Doug Williams, is its new CEO. (Williams has also been involved with other companies big and small on both coasts, including Immunex, ZymoGenetics, Amgen, and Seattle Genetics.)

Codiak, which is developing exosome-based drugs and diagnostics centered around technology from Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center, announced itself in the press this morning—with word that it has attracted an impressive $80 million in venture commitments.

The details of Codiak’s announcement are in Ben Fidler’s story today. But now is your chance to get a ticket to hear Williams lay out firsthand what Codiak is about. Tickets are available online until noon EST and you can also walk in, space permitting.

You can register and see the whole agenda to this event here. We have an all-star lineup—and it just got even stronger with Williams and Codiak. We hope to see you later today—Tuesday, November 17.