Agenda Live for Our Healthcare Summit Nov. 17 at the Broad Institute

Xconomy Boston — 

It’s fall, and when it comes to healthcare, you may be thinking it’s flu shot season. But here at Xconomy, besides getting our shots, we are excited that it’s almost time for our annual Healthcare Summit in Boston. The third iteration of this great event is coming up on November 17 at the Broad Institute in Kendall Square.

And we’ve just gone live with the agenda. You only have less than a week to go before our saver rate ends on Oct. 20—so check it out then get your tickets here.

It promises to be a fantastic afternoon. Kicking things off will be a chat between two healthcare and life sciences legends: Scientist and entrepreneur Tillman Gerngross of Dartmouth University and Terry McGuire of Polaris Partners. The pair has teamed up to form a string of startups and will be chatting about relationships and integrity in building companies.

After them comes Lynda Chin, a renowned physician and scientist who recently became chief innovation officer for health affairs for the University of Texas system. Her talk is about a little idea she calls Transforming Medicine.

And that is just a taste of what is in store. MIT biologist Leonard Guarente, a specialist on health and aging and co-founder of Elysium Health, will be speaking on the intriguing topic of “Science Meets Self-Care: Innovation in Consumer Health.” On perhaps the other end of the spectrum, we’ll hear from Katrine Bosley, CEO of gene-editing company Editas Medicine, which recently announced a new $120 million round of financing.

Beyond these great speakers, we will have a cast of other stars covering topics from diagnostics and data to new models for collaboration that target keeping people healthy rather than treating illness. IBM’s Watson computer also plays a role—and so does a panel of hot consumer startups that will close out the day.

The goal is to provide a unique look across the entire healthcare continuum—from basic science to the consumer. All in one great afternoon. Again, you can get your tickets here while the saver rate, which ends next Tuesday, is still on.