Announcing Xconomy Healthcare Summit—Nov. 17 at Broad Institute

Xconomy Boston — 

It’s an old adage that there’s nothing more important than our health. Yet there’s hardly been a more contentious and complex issue in America in recent years than healthcare.

For the past two years, Xconomy has held a special, invitation-only Healthcare Summit each fall in Boston to try to cut through the haze and rhetoric and get to the truth about healthcare innovation—from the latest scientific breakthroughs to the changes sweeping hospitals and patient care to consumer apps and wearables.

Now, we are pleased to announce, the summit is back for its third incarnation—and this year we’ve opened it to the general public. The Xconomy Healthcare Summit 2015 will take place on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 17, at the Broad Institute in Cambridge’s Kendall Square.

You can find more details, and get your tickets, here.


What a lineup we have shaping up. Dartmouth researcher and serial entrepreneur Tillman Gerngross (Adimab, Glycofi, and more) will be joining famed Polaris Partners co-founder Terry McGuire, with whom he has formed several startups, for a unique chat about relationships and integrity in building companies. Lynda Chin, the physician-scientist who recently moved from MD Anderson Cancer Center to become chief innovation officer for health affairs for the University of Texas system, will also be on hand. So, too, will Katrine Bosley, CEO of Editas Medicine, which last month announced it had raised a $120 million Series B round to support its efforts commercialize the revolution in gene editing. Another keynoter is MIT biologist Leonard Guarente, an acclaimed researcher on health and aging and co-founder of a Elysium Health, a startup with the mission of helping “people access, understand, and benefit from scientific breakthroughs in health.”

And that’s just a taste of the action in store. Among our other speakers are Watson Health chief marketing officer Steve Gold, who also heads Watson’s $100 million investment fund; the CEO of diagnostics company T2 Biosystems, John McDonough; and the founders of three hot consumer-facing startups—PillPack, CoPatient, and Wellframe.

It promises to be an exciting day providing a fascinating view of the complete healthcare continuum—from scientific research to consumer wellness. And where better than the Broad Institute to take it all in? Again, please visit our event site to see the full list of speakers to date, and, of course, to register.

We hope to see you there.