Led by Unica Founder, Allego Tackles Video Training for Salespeople

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people to have access to those videos wherever they may be. “I could use it on an airplane, and when I get off the plane, when I have connectivity, it will sync up,” he says.

“This is really, really hard to do,” he adds. “It’s one thing to compress video. It’s another thing to cache it and make it work on mobile devices.”

The concept seems like it would be applicable to other areas as well, like athletic training, education, and maybe even consumer video sharing. Indeed, Allego may have more in common than it realizes with platforms for pro-sports coaching, edtech and professional development, and video messaging. But Lee wants to stay focused on the sales training problem first. “One of the lessons I learned from Unica is that focus is good,” he says. “At Unica I exhausted all the wrong answers. So I can run a lot faster this time.”

Still, Lee admits “the paradigm is not limited to sales training.” He says Allego “wants to nail the hardest problem with the big payoff first. Eventually we’ll move beyond sales, and down market.”

So far, so good. Allego’s customers span fields including high-tech, financial services, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices. They include John Hancock, Pacific Life, Chrysler, Vertex, Kronos, and Demandware. Lee sounds confident when he predicts Allego will “more than double the business” in the next year. Of course, it will also need to prove that its technology consistently boosts the productivity of sales teams.

Although it’s early, Lee’s vision—as well as that of his co-founder, sales training expert Mark Magnacca—goes a long way toward predicting the success of this company. If Allego can tap into big corporate budgets and a real need for training, it could represent the next evolution of video education beyond corporate YouTube channels and e-certification programs.

“This whole trend of using video to learn is happening,” Lee says.

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