Techstars’ David Cohen at Boston 2035 Wednesday: Less Chat, More Q&A

Xconomy Boston — 

It’s all about the audience and the entrepreneurs.

That’s the message from David Cohen, co-founder and managing partner of Techstars. Cohen is based in Boulder, CO, but will be in town Wednesday in part to deliver the closing keynote chat at Xconomy’s Boston 2035 event, our full-day conference at Babson College.

I connected with Cohen briefly via e-mail to go over some of the questions I would be asking him during the chat—when we hit on the idea of abandoning a big chunk of them just to hear questions from the audience, rather than a talking head (aka, me).

“I love q&a the most—let’s talk about what they want to hear!” Cohen wrote me. So that’s the plan. I will ask a few questions, and then turn it over to you—the audience—to sound out the [startup guru and investor on entrepreneurship, new models of fundraising, scaling a company, career advice, or whatever else you want. Get your questions ready.

We hope you can make the event—there’s still time to grab a ticket, and a bus ride to and from Babson. Here are some other highlights of the day:

—Still time to get a seat. Half day (morning-only or afternoon-only) options available. You can register and see the agenda here.

—Bus ride to and from Babson and South Station courtesy of Skedaddle. The bus will leave South Station at 8 am, and will depart Wellesley for the return trip at 6 pm. Once you get your ticket you will get details for signing up for the bus.

—During lunch, we will have a cadre of Copenhagen Wheel-equipped hybrid bikes on hand that attendees can ride.

—Drone show-and-tell from DARTdrones CEO Abby Speicher, who runs one of the country’s only FAA-certified drone flight schools (yes, training helps you fly these things).

—Sessions on Architecture and Design, Consumer Robotics and AI, Education and New England’s Talent Pool, and Future of Healthcare.

We’ll have plenty more as well. Again, you can find the full speaker lineup and get your tickets here. We’ll see you in the future.