What Do the Heads of Techstars & Boston Children’s Hospital Have in Common?

Xconomy Boston — 

David Cohen and Sandra Fenwick both believe that Boston’s innovation community is poised to do huge things.

Cohen, the founder and managing partner of Techstars, says Boston’s startup ecosystem will be “off the charts” in the next 20 years. Fenwick, the CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital, says the city’s healthcare and analytics expertise “will change lives,” thanks to collective efforts and unique partnerships.

These two leaders are representative of the minds we are convening at Babson College in exactly one week: Wednesday, June 17, is the date of our Boston 2035 conference, which aims to look out 20 years at the future of New England’s technology and life sciences landscape, and our cluster’s place in the world. (We still have some seats available; you can check out the agenda and registration info.)

We think it’s critical to bring together leaders from healthcare and tech, industry and academia, startups and big companies, to talk about how to overcome challenges and build relationships that will really move things forward. Leaders like Cohen and Fenwick—and indeed, all our speakers—know what it means to overcome obstacles, think critically, and do things in the right way to effect change. They’ve learned a ton of practical lessons in their lives, and we’ll do our best to draw those out at the event.

All in all, it will be a very fun and inspiring day as we get to step back from the daily grind and think about longer-term scenarios.

Here’s a glimpse of what Techstars’ Cohen sees in Boston’s future:

And here’s what Fenwick from Boston Children’s Hospital has to say about our cluster’s potential:

We hope you’ll join us next week to dive deeper.

Ashley Gentile contributed to this report.