Three Predictions for Boston’s Innovation Scene in 2035

Xconomy Boston — 

One thing’s for sure: in 20 years, people will still complain about the weather. Other than that, death, and taxes, pretty much anything goes.

We’re thinking a lot about the long-range future of the New England innovation cluster. As part of our Boston 2035 conference on June 17, we’ve asked a number of speakers to give us their 20-year predictions on the local tech and business climate. (You can see the full agenda for the day and register for the event here.)

One key theme is that the future is so much bigger than any particular sector or industry. Ask leaders to think decades down the road, and they bring up societal issues like privacy, geographical trends in business clusters, and what the enterprise of the future will need.

An obvious point is that Boston’s future in particular has a lot to do with life sciences and healthcare—currently the top strength of the region, especially compared to other geographies—so any discussion of local innovation must account for that in a big way.

Other important strengths of the area lie in education and enterprise IT. The leaders we’ve talked to recently have addressed all of the above.

First up in our prediction videos is William Sahlman, a professor at Harvard Business School:

Next up is Raj Aggarwal, CEO of Localytics, a mobile marketing and analytics company that has made the transition from early-stage startup to mid-stage growth:

And third is Mike Troiano, CMO of Actifio, an enterprise IT company that is one of the fastest-growing tech anchors in town:

Ashley Gentile contributed to this report.