Nara Logics Gets New CEO, Recruits Renowned Neuroscientist

Xconomy Boston — 

One of the leaders in computational neuroscience is taking a role with Nara Logics, a Cambridge, MA, spinout from MIT that marries advanced brain-science research with computer science to create enterprise software capable of making big data manageable.

The company announced Tuesday that computational neuroscience researcher Sebastian Seung will join its board of advisers. Seung is a professor at Princeton University, where he is a member of its Neuroscience Institute and the Bezos Center for Neural Circuit Dynamics. Seung was a longtime MIT professor before leaving for Princeton in 2014.

Seung’s specialty is mapping the human brain, and his work recently was profiled in the New York Times magazine. He is the author of a popular book about neurology and leads EyeWire, a video game that uses social computing and citizen science to map and understand the brain’s connections.

Nara Logics hopes Seung will provide guidance as the company uses advances in neuroscience and computer research to try to create applications business can use to process and analyze their data. Among Nara’s applications: using artificial intelligence to create personalized recommendations through a “discovery engine.” The company also has created a mobile app that makes travel and restaurant recommendations.

Nara also said president Jana Eggers has been promoted to CEO. Eggers has been with the company since 2014 and replaces Tom Copeman, who founded the company. Copeman will remain a member of Nara Logic’s board of directors.

Nara Logics has raised $13 million since it was founded in 2010, including a $6 million round last year.