Lessons From Building a Global Engineering Team

It used to be that if you referenced a “global engineering team” you had contracted with a few freelance developers in a remote location to do a few hours of work per week. There’s a good reason for that: historically, recruiting, retaining, and growing global engineering teams has been a significant challenge.

At HubSpot, we opened a Dublin office two years ago without plans to develop a full engineering team there, but quickly realized there were plenty of really talented engineers in Dublin and changed course. Over the last two years, we went from having no engineering team whatsoever to having a full team of more than a dozen front and back end developers taking our product game to the next level in Ireland.

A key factor in recruiting and retaining an international team has been recognizing what attracts great engineers, both in Dublin and across the globe. We found these 5 motivations to be universal and are still prioritizing them as we scale:

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