Boston 2034 Predictions: Data, Policy, & Healthcare on the Horizon

What will Boston’s innovation sector—and the region itself—look like in 20 years? More importantly, what will it take to keep New England ahead of the pack in an increasingly global competition?

Those are among the big questions we’re tackling next week at Xconomy’s biggest event yet: Boston 2034, an all-day conference featuring some of the country’s top thinkers, innovators, investors, and entrepreneurs. It all goes down Tuesday, June 10, at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston.

Check out the full agenda to get a flavor of the all-star program we’ve put together, and make sure to get your tickets right away to save as much as possible—our Procrastinator’s Special runs through June 9.

As we tick down the final days until Boston 2034, we’ve been asking some of our speakers to give us a glimpse at what they think the next 20 years holds for the innovation scene, the greater Boston region, and society as a whole. We’ve already got some pretty interesting responses from folks like Maia Heymann of CommonAngels, Jean Hammond of LearnLaunch, John Abele of Boston Scientific fame, and Rob Go of NextView Ventures.

Here are three more predictions to get your wheels turning, from folks working in life sciences, big data, and public policy. Get your tickets now, and we’ll see you June 10.

Here’s a prediction about data and decision-making from Gershon Goren, founder and CEO of Cangrade:

IBM vice president Nicole Gardner thinks Boston will be a beacon of business and government collaboration:

And finally, PureTech Ventures CEO Daphne Zohar thinks electronic medicine will revolutionize healthcare:

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