Boston 2034: Three Predictions for the Future of Innovation

These days, it can seem a little dicey to make big predictions about what’s going to happen in the next few months. Seriously, raise your hand if you called Apple buying Dr. Dre’s headphone company for $3 billion or Facebook paying $2 billion for virtual-reality goggles.

But that’s what makes this era so interesting. And it’s why we’ve convened a top-notch group of innovators, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and investors for our biggest event yet: Boston 2034, a look at what the next 20 years will mean for one of the world’s most important innovation clusters.

This all-day conference on June 10 features a wide range of talks and interactive discussions from people in varying disciplines, including software, finance, healthcare, academia, and more. We’ll dive into what leaders in Boston and New England must do to keep the region in a top position as the world continues to be roiled by economic, technological, and social change—and hopefully catch some glimpses of the next big trends that will affect your life and your business.

Go check out the full agenda on the Boston 2034 homepage, and buy your tickets now to lock in the best prices.

In the meantime, here are a few previews of what we’ll be hearing June 10 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, in the form of quick video predictions from some of our speakers.

First up is John Abele, the co-founder of Boston Scientific and our lead-off keynote speaker:


Next is Rob Go, an investor with NextView Ventures:


And here’s John Kawola, CEO of robotics company Harvest Automation:

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One response to “Boston 2034: Three Predictions for the Future of Innovation”

  1. Christopher Noble says:

    Forecasting Innovation in 2034 in Boston’s Seaport district, but nothing on the agenda about how innovators can help deal with the rising sea level 20 years from now.