Get a Window on the Innovation Future at Boston 2034 on June 10

Xconomy Boston — 

It’s gotten to be an easy rant—chastising entrepreneurs for not thinking big enough. But that’s plain wrong, especially in the Boston area. New England visionaries have long been tackling some of the world’s biggest problems. Among the efforts underway:

  • Providing clean water for the developing world
  • Bringing Internet connectivity and advanced educational tools to children in the poorest, most remote areas of the globe
  • Revolutionizing American manufacturing productivity
  • Creating smart highways and buildings that will ease congestion and help the environment
  • Developing new drugs and healthcare technology that will cure or control the toughest diseases

These are hardly the only areas in which New England innovators are thinking big. But if that isn’t enough to get you inspired, some of the leading entrepreneurs and technologists behind these efforts and more will be taking the stage at Xconomy’s Boston 2034 event on June 10. There, they will describe their visions for changing the world over the next 20 years.

It all goes down in the heart of Boston’s Innovation District, at the Seaport World Trade Center. You can find more details, and how to get your tickets, here.

We aim to make Boston 2034 the innovation event of the year. Here is a taste of who’s coming and what’s likely on their minds to share at the event:

Dean Kamen — Why the 1 billion who are privileged must help the 6 billion who aren’t.

Nicholas Negroponte — Four ironies of innovation, among them how being at a seemingly pathbreaking startup can restrict long-term thinking.

Fiona Murray — On MIT’s Innovation Initiative and the future of entrepreneurship.

Robotics guru Rod Brooks, CTO of Rethink Robotics, and Google VP of Research Alfred Spector –- A tag-team chat about technology, society, and the future.

Nicole Gardner of IBM — On sustainable employment.

John Halamka of Harvard Medical School — New frontiers of healthcare innovation.

Visionary life science investors Terry McGuire and Noubar Afeyan — The future of biotech.

Leading tech investors Semyon Dukach, Jean Hammond, and Eric Paley — On the next wave of startup revolutions.

Stephen Kaufer of TripAdvisor — The future of consumer Internet.

In addition to our plenary sessions, we’ll have interactive Focus Tracks on four big areas key to growth in the next two decades: Healthcare and Life Sciences; Energy and Transportation; Education; and Infrastructure, Architecture, and Design. The tracks will include mini-keynotes and discussions featuring leading figures in these fields.

We’ll be sharing more details about Boston 2034 in the coming weeks—but we want you there. So get your tickets—and reserve a demo table if you’d like. Everything you need can be found here.