MITX 2014 Mobile Summit

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We are well beyond anointing 2014 as yet another “Year of Mobile.” Mobile is firmly entrenched in our work and everyday lives – and it’s no longer about what handheld device we use, it is now a mindset and a way of life.

The change from mobile as device to mobile as a behavior changes the game for marketers. Combined with the fact that smartphones and tablets have become deeply ingrained in our daily lives and mobile internet browsing is on the cusp of surpassing desktop consumption, the idea of engaging your audience anywhere and everywhere is now playing an integral role in shaping product and marketing plans.

This year’s mobile summit will explore the various challenges and implications of these developments for marketers. You’ll hear examples of the creative and innovative tactics marketers are using to successfully ride the wave of mobile. We’ll focus on areas such as responsiveness, mobile media, context, mobile payments and more with an eye towards the future as mobile technology continues to evolve through the increased adoption of wearables, location-based services & other innovations.