Boston Roundup: GNS, DailyFeats, Wymsee, Moontoast, Where Angels

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a good old-fashioned news dump. Here’s a few deals that have popped up on the radar while most people are getting ready for a few days off:

GNS Healthcare, a “big data” healthcare company, has filed paperwork for a nearly $10 million equity fundraising. GNS has compiled a database with health information on some 100 million Americans, which is plugged into predictive algorithms to determine which drugs might be best for a particular patient.

DailyFeats, a digital health startup, has filed SEC paperwork indicating $6 million in new equity investment. The Cambridge, MA-based company is one of many that has tried to build a business out of software that encourages users to exercise more or eat healthier. In this case, the “carrot” is supposed to be gift cards and other rewards. The app hasn’t been updated in more than a year, however, and it appears the startup may have been changing direction. I’ll update if I hear more.

Wymsee, a Techstars Boston alum, has raised a new $2.5 million investment round. The company makes Sync OnSet, a software application that helps movie and TV production crews keep scripts, wardrobes, and other logistics under control without volumes of physical paperwork. The company is based in Cambridge.

Moontoast, a social media marketing company, has filed paperwork for a nearly $1.8 million equity round. The Boston- and Nashville-based startup has previously raised more than $10 million, including a $5 million Series B round it announced at the beginning of 2013.

—Former employees of Where, the mobile-advertising startup purchased by eBay in 2011 for $135 million, are setting up an angel investment group. has more details, including the plan for the Where Angel Fund to use the new LaunchAngels online “crowdfunding” service that is run by Shereen Shermak, the wife of former Where vice president David Chang.

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  1. mradoc says:

    Daily Feats is now Maxwell Health: