See You at “Healthcare Gets Personal” on Thursday in Kendall Square

Xconomy Boston — 

We are all set for another great event in Boston. “Healthcare Gets Personal” is about the convergence of genomics, analytics, and portable/wearable devices in driving healthcare, personal medicine, and behavior change.

It’s all taking place at Google’s offices in Kendall Square (4th floor), from 4-6 pm on Thursday, Dec. 12, and it’s going to be a fantastic crowd. We have just a few tickets left, which you can still pick up here, but not for much longer.

Here’s the full agenda. You may have already read about Harvard genomics pioneer George Church’s opening chat with Third Rock Ventures’ Alexis Borisy. Here are a few other highlights to preview:

—Akili Interactive Labs’ Eric Elenko will show off snippets of a new video game designed to improve multitasking and slow down cognitive decline. Believe me, you won’t want to miss this.

—Anita Goel (Nanobiosym), Rony Sellam (Segterra), and Ben Schlatka (MC10) will chat with my colleague Curt Woodward about bringing new technologies to market amid regulatory issues and other environmental factors in healthcare.

—Robert Goldberg (Neumitra) and Ben Rubin (Revv) will talk with me about the emerging opportunities and challenges for startups in wearables, health monitoring, and behavior change.

Hope to see you all there; be sure to bring your questions.