Healthcare Gets Personal: George Church to Keynote Our Dec. 12 Event

Xconomy Boston — 

Say what you want about Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act. Innovation is coming fast to healthcare—and it’s increasingly bringing the power of technology right down to the individual. Whether it’s super-crunching your genome, the latest fitness apps or wearables, or new therapeutic games (yes, games that make you healthier), an array of advances are already upon us, with more coming fast.

Diving into the more personal side of the healthtech revolution is the focus of our next Xconomy Xchange event, entitled Healthcare Gets Personal. It will take place the afternoon and evening of Thursday, Dec. 12, at Google’s big campus in the heart of Kendall Square. You can get more information and register here. Hurry, seats are limited.

Keynoting the event is one of the pioneers of genomics, Harvard’s George Church, founder of the Personal Genome Project, a massive open-source effort to make human biological and trait data accessible as a tool to improve human health. He will be looking ahead to what the genomics revolution means for individual healthcare, and much more.

And joining him, we have a fantastic lineup of other leading entrepreneurs and investors as well. They include:

Jon Flint, Co-founder, General Partner, Polaris Partners; Chairman, Co-Founder, Living Proof

Daphne Zohar, Founder, CEO, and Managing Partner, PureTech Ventures

Dana Callow, Managing General Partner, Boston Millennia Partners

Eric Elenko, PureTech Partner and acting Chief Business Officer, Akili Interactive

Anita Goel, Founder, CEO, Nanobiosym

Robert Goldberg, Founder, CEO, Neumitra

Ben Rubin, Founder, CEO, Revv

Rony Sellam, CEO, Segterra

The event will take place from 4pm-6pm on Dec. 12. There will be a registration and networking period in advance of the event, and a networking reception afterward. It promises to be an unusual opportunity for getting a bead on the latest advances in personal health technology. And you just might find some holiday gift ideas as well.

Thanks to our host, Google, and our initial sponsor, Comcast Business. Again, you can register here. We look forward to seeing you on Dec. 12, one month from today!