Dyn Gets More Mobile with Trendslide Analytics Acquisition

It’s time to catch up with Dyn. You know, the once-bootstrapped tech dynamo from Manchester, NH, which raised a big venture round last fall and has been making some acquisitions as of late.

Today the Web infrastructure company said it has acquired fellow New Hampshire firm Trendslide, a business-analytics startup focused on mobile apps. No terms were given, but this is Dyn’s fourth acquisition since September.

Dyn says Trendslide co-founder Benjamin Petrin has joined the company as a lead developer in mobile tools. (Trendslide’s other co-founder, Jeffrey Vocell, spoke at last year’s XSITE conference; apparently he is not joining Dyn.)

It sounds like Trendslide’s mobile dashboard technology will be repurposed from a sales and marketing tool to an IT/development tool for Dyn’s core customers. But the common theme is mobility: data and analytics being pushed to business and enterprise users’ smartphones and tablets to help them keep tabs on their companies’ performance.

Dyn’s chief technology officer, Cory von Wallenstein, was an early investor in Trendslide. As is often the case, timing-wise, Dyn chose to buy the startup as it was about to raise more money.

Dyn was started in 2001 and became a leader in managed DNS (Domain Name System) and e-mail delivery services for big customers like Salesforce.com, Twitter, and Zappos. Back in October, the company announced its first venture funding round, $38 million from North Bridge Venture Partners.

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