Agenda for Mobile Madness on March 19: Athenahealth, Timbre, Twitter, Verizon…

We are coming down the home stretch towards Mobile Madness 2013. It’s March tomorrow (eek…I mean, yay).

Luckily the program is all set. We are going from 1:30-5:30 pm, March 19, at Microsoft NERD in Kendall Square, with networking in the middle and a reception afterwards. Here is the detailed agenda. Tickets have been going fast, but there are still a few left.

The overall theme is that the mobile revolution, as we know it, is over. It’s time to think about the next stage of software, devices, and computing. Here are some highlights to look forward to:

Jonathan Bush, the co-founder and CEO of Athenahealth, will kick things off with a dive into mobile health. And, more broadly, the state of mobility (and its opportunities) in business, medicine, and our daily lives.

Chuck Goldman from Apperian will lead a chat about “apps in the real world,” featuring the CEOs of Timbre, Verivo Software, MediaFriends (HeyWire and Bandwagon), Kinvey, and Apptopia. This panel showcases some top Boston-area companies building businesses in the mobile-app ecosystem.

Robi Ganguly is flying in from Seattle to tell us about Apptentive and, if you ask nicely, how to prepare a decent cup of coffee. (Cliché, I know, but hey, I lived there for a couple years.)

—A motley crew of CEOs and local tech leaders will talk about the future of connected devices and new kinds of hardware. They represent Bolt, WiTricity, MC10, ByteLight, and Highland Capital Partners. They may or may not be wearing smartwatches (let’s hope so).

Gagan Puranik from Verizon Innovation Center will give a talk and some demos, if it works out, to highlight the wireless giant’s efforts to build new product lines around connectivity.

—I’m moderating a keynote panel on “what’s beyond mobility?” It features Izhar Armony, Dan Bricklin, Wayne Chang, and Angus Davis. I trust these gentlemen will have some surprising and enlightening views of the future. (Google them with your glasses if you need to.)

—The gaming industry is in the doldrums, but mobile seems like a promising path for startups like The Tap Lab, Lookout Gaming, and Kiip. They are joined by VCs Lucy McQuilken and Dayna Grayson (moderator).

—Mobile advertising is resurgent, especially in the Boston area. But let’s think bigger and try to anticipate what Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, and Amazon will do in the sector. Top leaders from Jumptap, Adelphic, SessionM, and Nexage will talk about where the real opportunities lie, and how the field has matured since the early days of ad-tech.

The agenda is subject to change, and I still have a waiting list of great potential speakers I wish I could include. So there might be a couple more surprises in store. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on March 19.

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