Tech Tidbits: Hadapt, Betaspring, Emo Labs, Shareaholic, Yottaa, & More

Here are a few items of note in the New England tech community, as we lament the start of winter weather:

—Have you voted yet? I’m talking about Xconomy’s post-election innovation priorities poll (for President Obama and U.S. Congress). Make your voice heard as to whether our nation’s leaders should focus first on tax policy, patent reform, visas, basic research, education, alternative energy, healthcare delivery, or what have you. We’ll have the results of the poll soon.

—In startup fundraising news, Hadapt, a Cambridge, MA-based big-data analytics firm, has raised $6.75 million, according to the BBJ (based on a regulatory filing). Hadapt execs didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Emo Labs, a Waltham, MA-based maker of advanced loudspeaker systems, rustled up $1.05 million from private investors. The company is now doing business as ClearView Audio.

Betaspring, the Providence, RI-based startup accelerator, is holding its Fall 2012 launch day today. Here’s a rundown of the 13 graduating startups, from

—Not to be confused with Beta Fund…a new $5 million micro-VC fund, based in the Boston area, with a very broad sector approach. Everything from software and IT to materials science, biotech, and nanotech (remember that term?) is under investment consideration. Scott Kirsner has the details.

—Shareaholic, the Cambridge-based social Web startup, has rolled out a publisher network for Web content (called “Channels”). You can browse what Shareaholic calls the “best content” from its network—on topics from food to fashion to fitness. It’ll be interesting to see what the impact will be on the company’s data-driven business.

—And lastly, Boston-based Yottaa, a Web performance startup, did some analysis about how poorly news and media websites performed on election night. Just another reminder that the Web’s infrastructure is a fragile thing.

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  1. Thanks so much for including the great news of Shareaholic’s Channels! We are really really excited about this.