The EntreTech Forum: Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps: How entrepreneurs are developing the money making ‘picks and axes’ of the future

The introduction of the iPhone five years ago marked the beginning of a mobility revolution that now has dozens of smartphones and tablets in the hands of consumers around the world, all using apps to enhance every aspect of daily life. The mobile revolution has ushered in the “app’lification” of consumer technology. This digital goldrush has attracted entrepreneurs from all corners of the world. The barriers to entry for developing and selling mobile apps is low. As a result, there are hundreds of thousands of apps available in the various consumer app stores.


George McQuilken, Angel Investor & Member of eCoast Angels

Johnny Monsarrat, CEO, Hard Data Factory

Alex Bakman, Founder & President, Snappii

Nick Zeckets, CEO and co-founder of Alumni Connection Platform QuadWrangle, Inc

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