The Future of Big Data on Oct. 24: Here’s the Agenda

Two weeks to go. Then it’s Armageddon for Big Data.

I’m talking about “The Future of Big Data,” Xconomy’s half-day conference on Oct. 24, at the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology in Boston. We are tackling the tough questions. We are pulling no punches. We are going to get to the bottom of what all this “big data” is really about.

Here’s the detailed agenda. I’ve been pushing, prodding, poking at it for weeks, trying to get the right people in the right spots. As you can see, it is jam-packed and extremely fast-paced.

We’ll start out with a talk from Brad Feld, the entrepreneur and venture capitalist visiting from Colorado. He promises to shake things up—and I have no doubt he will. We’ll also hear keynotes from David Friend, the CEO of Carbonite, and Peter Stern, the CEO of Bitly. These gentlemen have some serious perspective on what big data has meant over the years—and where it’s going now, especially as pertains to their companies.

A number of bang-bang panels and chats should also catch your eye: an enterprise big data panel featuring execs from EMC, VeriSign, and HP/Vertica; startup panels on big data infrastructure, vertical industries, and macro conclusions, showcasing some of the most intriguing companies in town; and a VC chat featuring Atlas Venture, Avalon Ventures, and North Bridge Venture Partners.

All told, we will strive to answer some big questions: How should your business use big data? Where are the emerging technologies and business models heading? And who wins in the end?

Tickets have gone ridiculously fast, but we’re making a few more available between now and Oct. 24. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

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