Bigger, Stronger, Faster: 5 Questions with Dyn CEO Jeremy Hitchcock

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truly understood our mission, culture, and hustle. We feel this investment allows us the opportunity to take Dyn to the next level without sacrificing our core identity, which is fundamentally a bootstrapped company that values engineering excellence, believes uptime is the bottom line, and creates rock solid customer relationships in the infrastructure space.

Ric, Russ, and Jason bring a wealth of real world experience that helps balance out our current executive team. They have a nice blend of polished experience and energy that will challenge us and help push us to new heights. One of the reasons we’re so happy to have them on the board is that they truly believe in us and what we’re trying to accomplish.

X: How will Dyn use the money—more acquisitions, new hires, new product lines?

JH: It will remain business as usual. We do not anticipate any dramatic changes. We are going to continue as before but with additional resources. We have thrived because we have been smart with our money. We don’t intend on changing that.

X: How will you maintain and/or evolve the company’s culture as you grow even faster?

JH: Culture is never easy to manufacture, and we’re no stranger to growth. Over the years, we’ve found if we stay true to ourself, then our employees follow suit. Things might be different, but it’s our job to keep them equal. While you can single this out as a milestone, we daily think of how to be bigger, stronger, faster. We will focus on hiring people who embody the mantra of work hard, play hard. We’ve been good at doing that so far and hope to continue it.

X: How does taking a VC round affect your broader strategic thinking? E.g., how do you handle the pressure to get to a big exit?

JH: We really love what we do. The round will actually get us a lot more focused on the road ahead for a number of years. So we don’t look at it as pressure. We have always had incredibly high expectations so that hasn’t changed.

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